We used Emily's services for both of our children during the undergraduate college application process and are currently using her services again for graduate school applications. Emily is absolutely spectacular! She is extremely knowledgeable with respect to college information as well as the specific application processes. She works so well with the students and enables them to have the best "voice" possible on the written part of the applications. My children loved working with Emily...she is creative, warm, and smart and she empowers her students during this arduous process! Emily is a super star in her field and you cannot afford NOT to use her!
~ Patty S.

For my part, Emily, I could not be more admiring of the skillful support you provided to Rachel throughout the college application process. The end result has her floating on air... Your advice and guidance to me at various intervals over the last 18 months or so have been thoughtful and wise.

Thank you. Thank you very much.
~ Reynold L.

Emily’s guidance and advice throughout our son’s college process were invaluable. Now that he has finished his freshman year and has just loved his experience at college, we are even more convinced of how perfectly Emily understood our goals and helped us to accomplish them. We have four children and we truly look forward to engaging Emily to help each one of them!
~ Craig R.

Emily came to me at a time when I had only a vague understanding of what I wanted in a college, what a college wanted in me, and why any of this even mattered. She was able to quickly grasp my extracurricular passions, academic interests and personality, synthesizing the three into a clear picture of my potential as a college applicant. Emily’s ability to balance idealism and practicality assured me every step of the way that the finish line was achievable. Her efficiency and work ethic were particularly helpful. Above all, she has proven to be incredibly sympathetic and trustworthy- two indispensable qualities in an admissions adviser. Given the opportunity, I would definitely choose to work with Emily again!
~ Sabrina Y.

I had the pleasure of working with Emily on my MBA applications. Emily possesses extensive knowledge of the MBA admissions process, as well as years of experience, unrelenting enthusiasm and commitment to excellence. Emily took the time to get to know who I am, where I come from and where I want to go, and helped me tell my story in my essays, applications and interviews. She will not accept anything other than the best work, yielding extraordinary applications. I will be attending one of my top choice MBA programs this fall, and I sincerely believe this wouldn’t have been possible without her help. Thank you, Emily!
~ Sae L.

I was lucky enough to work with Emily on my MBA applications. Emily helped me tell my story in a compelling way, and to tackle the admissions process with confidence. She guided me every step of the way with compassion and patience. I am now in my first year out of my top MBA program and I couldn’t be happier. Emily helped me achieve my dreams!
~ Julie J.

As an SAT tutor, I hear what students and parents say behind closed doors. About Emily, everything said is positive. Students tell me how much they enjoy meeting with Emily, and how excited and encouraged they feel after their conversations. They feel good about the work they produce because it accurately represents who they are. Parents, too, are genuinely grateful for Emily’s expertise in navigating – and making less stressful – the college admissions process. All in all, Emily’s performance has been uniformly superlative: she has an incredible knack for helping students stay focused, calm and on track for their colleges of choice.
~ Claudia H.

We were very fortunate to be able to use Emily’s services during the college application process for each of our two daughters. Emily not only provided more expert guidance than the high school’s counselors in the selection of target colleges but she also ensured that the various essays were properly structured and that the application deadlines were met. What we find even more gratifying than her management of the application process is the mentor/advisor relationship that she has developed with each of our daughters---a relationship which continues well past each successful college admission. The fact that each of our daughters continues to seek and trust Emily’s advice on academic choices/directions is perhaps the best evidence of her excellence.
~ M.Z. & K.Z.

Hi Emily! I just had a chance to look at my mail from the weekend, and after perusing the envelopes from The University of Michigan, I am excited to tell you that I was awarded a Michigan Tradition Scholarship! I learned online that this scholarship is due to the strength of my essays. Once again, thank you so much for all of your help! You've made me a much better writer!
~ Ethan G.

Emily has an extraordinary talent for helping her clients craft their stories in their applications. She is insightful, enthusiastic, and supportive, and she was always available throughout the process to provide guidance when I needed it, to talk through essay ideas with me, and to answer any questions that I had. With Emily's help, I gained admission to three top business schools and was even offered a major scholarship by the program I will be attending this fall. I would recommend Emily's services to any MBA applicant. Thank you, Emily, for everything!
~ Lauren S.