Other Graduate Applicants

E. Wolper, Inc. provides tailor made services for applicants to a wide range of graduate programs including Law, Journalism, International Affairs, Environmental Sustainability, Public Health, Education and Social Work.

Creation/Assessment of a School List: Using knowledge of graduate programs and specific admissions requirements, and after learning about your personal needs and interests, Ms. Wolper will help you to develop and/or refine your list of programs to which to apply.

Development of an Application Timeline: One of the most daunting aspects of any admissions process is completing all elements within a proper timeframe. E. Wolper, Inc. will help you to create a schedule of deadlines suited to your particular needs.

Essay Brainstorming and Editing: Ms. Wolper will guide you through the essay brainstorming process and help you to develop topics that will allow you strategically to engage the admissions officers while communicating important and compelling information about you and your goals. She will make sure that your unique voice comes through and that you are proud of the written work you submit. When you have produced original written work, she will edit your writing for content, grammar and usage. Her approach will make the process of writing your essays fully productive and enjoyable.

Interview Technique: When applicable, the interview is an important opportunity for you to meet a school representative face-to-face. Ms. Wolper will help you to analyze and perfect your interview technique through a review of commonly asked interview questions. Your interview preparation will culminate in a mock interview.

Extracurricular Leadership Development: Your extracurricular leadership profile can be an essential component of your application to graduate school. Ms. Wolper will help you understand the requirements of the programs you are targeting and develop a leadership profile that maximizes your interests and experiences.

Services are provided in comprehensive packages and are priced according to number of applications.

Stand-alone strategy sessions are available.

Please contact E. Wolper, Inc. Admissions Consulting for more information.