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This is a great time of year to be setting the stage for summer activities. Whether you are applying to a program with an upcoming deadline, interviewing for an internship or planning for a summer job, now is the time to get started!

Summer is a great time to establish involvement in a new interest or connect the threads that link the activities in which you engage during the school year. If you are always in the school play, and you love acting, summer is a great time to hone your craft through an arts program, class work or performance opportunity. If you are interested in science and medicine, the summer is a great time to become involved with meaningful research or volunteer in a hospital on a regular basis. Summer can also be a time to earn some extra money while developing your personal work ethic. Summer jobs can be great!

There are limitless things to do with your summer break and now, as the snow is falling, is the best time to think about what you will do during those warm summer months when school’s out!

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